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The benefits of HIIT training in a CrossFit workout

What is HIIT training and how is it different to a CrossFit workout? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s no different than a Crossfit workout, it’s actually a part of it.  Definition of HIIT It’s the combination of high speed and intensity efforts, with low intensity efforts for a set time, usually […]

Consistent Training:  The key for fitness progress and success

You decide that you need to lose weight, tone up, get stronger, increase fitness or get faster – whatever your reason, you decide to join a gym. You find CrossFit Hawthorn East – it looks like a fun way to get fitter, faster and stronger so you sign up and start training. You’re working out […]

CrossFit vs Boot Camp: which fitness training suits you?

Crossfit vs bootcamp: both offer high intensity training, a trainer, and a group environment. But which one will give you the best results? The fitness world is comprised of all sorts of workouts. Some of them are trends, others are here to stay. Almost all of them promise amazing results in no time. We find a […]

Do you ‘cherry pick’ your workouts?

Some CrossFitters never check what the workout of the day is.  They are happy to come in and train regardless, and to see what it is when they arrive for their training session. On the other hand, some CrossFitters need to check the workout on Wodify before they will commit to coming in to train […]

Bored at your gym? Try CrossFit in Hawthorn East.

Bored at your gym? Try CrossFit To get benefits from fitness training we need to attend classes regularly, enjoy the workouts, see results and have fun. Has your current gym offered all these recently? If you’re skipping sessions or dragging yourself to an hour of boring treadmill running, then you should give CrossFit a go. […]