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Crossfit Hawthorn East: Gym Etiquette

It’s time to touch on box etiquette – we want our community to be respectful of each other, supportive and to have fun. So here are our guidelines for smooth sailing at CFHE: 1. BOOK YOUR SPOT From Feb 15 bookings became compulsory. We’ll have an Assistant Coach on stand by to come in for […]

Why CrossFit Hawthorn East Is Better Than Your Current Gym

People do all sorts of workouts. They do yoga, pilates, spin classes and all those cool workouts that sound great but that are focused on one body part and that can quickly become monotonous. There’s also the old classic gym meant for people that have the motivation to show up and train with no support […]

Our Functional Fitness Gym in Camberwell

You’re invited to get fitter, faster and stronger with us at CrossFit Hawthorn East. We focus on ‘functional fitness’. We teach all of the muscles to work together rather than in isolation. Why? It might be great to be ‘gym-fit’ but can that translate into every day life? Are you able to pick up and move […]

Functional Training Hawthorn – F45 vs CrossFit Hawthorn East

Do you know the differences, and similarities, between CrossFit and F45 training? Are you confused by the terms HIIT and functional fitness? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s some information to help you discover the best functional training gym for you. CrossFit: CrossFit was created in 2000 and has exploded to over 12,000 affiliates around […]

Bored at your gym? If you’re in Hawthorn it’s time to try CrossFit.

Are you neglecting your gym membership because you hate going? Does this fitness journey sound familiar?  You reluctantly force yourself to go to your gym because you ‘should go’. You gravitate towards the exercises and machines that you like, but maybe not they ones you need the most. The program the gym instructor helped you […]

2 important tips to help you kick ass in the gym

We gym rats love new stuff: The shiniest barbell on the market, the training protocols of the current Fittest on Earth,the newest “paleo-to-perform diet”, the newest recovery supplement on the market and of course the latest in Reebok apparel (now available in more colours than ever!). There’s certainly no shortage of effort in our collective […]