‘Women Weights & Wellness’

It was fantastic to see so many members (both male and female) at the Women Weights & Wellness recently. Such events will be held every few months and are an opportunity for you to empower yourself with knowledge and the support to make daily choices to improve your wellbeing. I shared with the community the risks associated with many of the chemicals used in standard shampoos, cosmetics and body care products. We discussed the ‘Dirty Dozen’ chemicals commonly used and why industries even use these chemicals (many of which are produced from crude oil and used in the manufacturing of everything from cars to toys to paints to mattresses).


Here is a snap shot of one of the culprits:



  • Produced form oil and are used to render plastics soft and flexible.
  • Found in cosmetics, nail polish, fragrance in cleaners, baby products… the list goes on!
  • Phthalates are endocrine disruptors, meaning they can mimic, block or change the way naturally occurring hormones work in our body (such as estrogen).
  • It has been suggested that in humans these chemicals may be causing reductions in male fertility, abnormalities in male reproductive organs, female reproductive diseases and earlier puberty.


When clients ask me what they should look for in alternative personal care products, I suggest they compare it to buying food. Do you recognise the ingredients or is it just a list of numbers? Are there minimal ingredients, most of which are natural and organic? We are so careful with what food we put in our mouth, translate this to your body care regime. Just remember, the chemicals used in products are there for a reason- often this is to make a product foam or bubble. Natural products without these chemicals do what they are meant to do naturally- they cleanse and nourish but without the foamy and sudsy properties we are used to.


One local gem of a product I use is from Ecology Skincare. Creator Crystal Fieldhouse has developed beautiful products from high quality, traditional and simple ingredients. And the best part- they actually work. To learn more about Ecology Skincare pop over to http://ecologyskincare.com/


As a special treat, Ecology Skincare are offering one lucky CFHE member a 35ml Ecology Cream of their choice and a facial konjac sponge! Simply jump on the website, choose which cream you would love to try and email this with your name to nutrition@crossfithawthorneast.com. The lucky winner will be chosen randomly and announced soon!


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