Why CrossFit Hawthorn East Is Better Than Your Current Gym

People do all sorts of workouts.

They do yoga, pilates, spin classes and all those cool workouts that sound great but that are focused on one body part and that can quickly become monotonous. There’s also the old classic gym meant for people that have the motivation to show up and train with no support from a trainer and are happy with no variety in their fitness routine.

In 2016, there are new ways to workout, to get results and have fun with other people. In order to acquire a toned body, we often need to lift weights, do some sort of cardio and show up frequently. 

What is Crossfit? It’s a combination of those three things done under the supervision of a coach.

– The weights that we lift are matched to our goals and current abilities.

– The cardio that we do benefits our health, our heart and our mood.

– We encourage our community to train 3 – 5 times a week for optimum results.

The best part:

– We program a different workout everyday to give you variety in your training.

– Everyone is supported by the group regardless of their level of fitness. 

– And because we keep learning new skills we will want to come back for more each week.

The team of coaches at Crossfit Hawthorn East are here to help you every step of the way. We will make sure you are safe, challenged and supported on your fitness journey. 


If you’d like to try it for yourself you’re invited to a FREE Intro Class at CrossFit Hawthorn East. This is a complimentary session for you to see the gym, meet the team and experience CrossFit basics.

Choose from Tuesday 7.30pm or Friday 7.00am. Call 0417 667 723 or email info@crossfithawthorneast.com to book your free spot.


CrossFit Hawthorn East is a functional fitness gym close to both Camberwell and Hawthorn in Melbourne, Australia.  We offer group physical fitness classes, personal training and regular workshops.  

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