Tear prevention: how to maintain healthy hands for your next set of pull ups

It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or a newbie, this is something all CrossFitter’s deal with. When spending time lifting barbells or hanging off the pull up rig; the skin on our palms gets trapped, and with friction can cause blisters.

If they are not taken care of, the skin which grows back will form calluses, which could potentially tear up the next time we jump on that bar.

Here are some tips on how to protect our hands and start an ongoing healing process.



If you do rip, first you need to clean it (and the bar). We need to apply a pain-free disinfectant and cut off any skin residue from the blisters. Care for your rip as you would any other open wound and give it time to heal.

Shaving the calluses off

Often once the skin starts growing back over the wound, it gets rough and lumpy. This is when we need to shave it off after taking a shower for instance by using a callus shaver or a pumice stone.


If our palms are smooth and flat there won’t be any skin to get trapped in between our hands and the bar. The key to maintaining supple skin is to moisturise. But on the other hand (no pun intended) there are people who find dry hands work better when it comes to preventing rips. I personally find that keeping the calluses down, and hands smooth, works best for preventing rips.


Avoiding heavy chalk up

Chalking up too much before a workout with several sets of pull-ups or toes to bar is unnecessary. The chalk is used for grip on the bar. Too too much grip will cause friction on the bar, and with friction comes blisters or even rips.

Easy on the grip

No matter which grip you are using, you need to be able to find a grip that  you can maintain with minimal re-gripping to prevent friction.

Jumping off the bar

The best way to avoid ripping our hands at the end of our set is by slightly jumping off rather than sliding off the bar.

See you, and your healthy hands, at the box.

Coach Daz


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