She loves farmers carry, her next fitness goal is rope climbs. Meet Kate

Building a community of fun, friendly and supportive members is important to us at CrossFit Hawthorn East.  We’re not only helping the Camberwell and Hawthorn locals get fitter, faster and stronger – our coaches and community are there to motivate and encourage our members every step of the way. Our gym is filled with friends from all around the Boroondara area to focus on their health and fitness goals.

Every day we workout with inspiring individuals. Each week we share their stories with you. Meet Kate:

NAME: Kate Marsich (aka Katie Mars)

AGE: 35 years young

OCCUPATION: Retail Marketer at NAB and owner of Katie Mars Personal Training


FAVOURITE MOVEMENT OR WORKOUT: Farmers Carry. I basically cant sleep I’m so excited when I see it come up on Wodify….

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: I am a loud, happy and over-excitable human who loves food, my dog Baz, and my husband’s luscious mane. 10 words FAIL.

WHY DID YOU START TRAINING AT CROSSFIT HAWTHORN EAST? I rolled up and saw Leasa’s abs and thought HELL YEAH!

WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR? Pullups… only took me two years. Rope climbs next.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT CROSSFIT HAWTHORN EAST? The lady friends I have made. OMG I love them so much. Like heart hurting, love them so much. The no pants gang. SO MUCH LOVE. Have you seen our “Awkward Fitness Photos” ? You should.

WHAT IS THE MAIN HEALTH GOAL YOU ARE FOCUSING ON AT THE MOMENT? Being a bit kinder to my body… I am lifting a little lighter in the short term and am feeling good for it. Listen to your body people… LISTEN.

ANY ADVICE FOR ANYONE JUST STARTING THEIR CROSSFIT JOUNEY? Don’t be intimidated by all the people with their tops off. Once you take yours off, you’ll wonder why you ever wore clothes to start with. No one is looking anyway! They’re all focused on themselves! #nopantsnext #noclothesfordayzzz

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I literally say anything that pops into my head, so I doubt there’s anything you all don’t know about me… but if I had to think of something I would say that my favourite movie is Terminator 2 and all I ever wanted to do was pullups hanging off my upturned bed, like Linda Hamilton does. Those guns, my gawd. She be HOT.

APART FROM CROSSFIT HAWTHORN EAST, WHERE ARE YOUR FAVOURITE HANGOUTS IN THE HAWTHORN, CAMBERWELL OR BOROONDARA AREA? What do you mean apart from CFHE? I don’t leave the house for anything else. Well apart from Nandos, I go there sometimes. To eat chips. I EAT ALL THE CHIPS.


If you’d like to get fitter, faster and stronger you’re invited to a FREE Intro Class at CrossFit Hawthorn East. This is a complimentary session for you to see the gym, meet the team and experience CrossFit basics.

Choose from Tuesday 7.30pm or Friday 7.00am. Call 0417 667 723 or email to book your free spot.


CrossFit Hawthorn East is a functional fitness gym close to both Camberwell and Hawthorn in Melbourne, Australia.  We offer group physical fitness classes, personal training and regular workshops.

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