“I had no motivation left to keep pushing with running. I googled the closest CrossFit box, and here I am! I’ve never looked back!” Meet Emma

Building a community of fun, friendly and supportive members is important to us at CrossFit Hawthorn East.  We’re not only helping the Camberwell and Hawthorn locals get fitter, faster and stronger – our coaches and community are there to motivate and encourage our members every step of the way. Our gym is filled with friends from all around the Boroondara area to focus on their health and fitness goals.

Every day we workout with inspiring individuals. Each week we share their stories with you. Meet Emma:

NAME: Emma Demir

AGE: 34

OCCUPATION: Vascular & Renal Perioperative Nurse Coordinator at the Alfred Hospital. Basically I’m a Registered Nurse, managing the Vascular Surgery Wait-list.



DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: Extroverted, passionate, dedicated, motivated, family-orientated, loyal, honest, sensitive, chatty… and of course, LOUD!!!!

WHY DID YOU START TRAINING AT CROSSFIT HAWTHORN EAST? I had been running solidly for five years, and I was cooked. I had no motivation left to keep pushing with running, it felt like such a chore. I had identified with running for so long, that when one of my coaches told me I didn’t always have to be a runner, it was like my lightbulb moment!!! I googled the closest box, and here I am! I’ve never looked back!

WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?: Probably toes-to-bar!!! I was sooooo excited when that move came together! It took me 2 years! Also, regularly getting up at 5:30am to get to a 6am session. Never thought I’d be that person!

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT CROSSFIT HAWTHORN EAST? The peeps, the vibe and that every session is different! I struggle with being bored, and I never am at the box. I have made some seriously awesome pals, and learnt a massive amount about myself, both personally and in sport. You are constantly developing. The box is where I find my yin. It’s my sanctuary!

WHAT IS THE MAIN HEALTH GOAL YOU ARE FOCUSING ON AT THE MOMENT? Strength. I am just trying to be the best version of me that I can be. I feel like I can achieve that through building strength in every capacity. Mind and body, and I get that from the box every session.

ANY ADVICE FOR ANYONE JUST STARTING THEIR CROSSFIT JOURNEY? Patience is key. Most people can’t walk before they crawl and I think that theory applies in the box. Every scaled movement is ultimately shaping you for the next progression. If you are committed to the cause, the scaled option will do what it is suppose to, and prepare you for the next achievement. Eventually, one day, the moves actually just happen. I can 100% attest to that!!

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I use to be so distressed about being loud, that I went and had my hearing and vocal cords checked when I was 19. I was so panicked that I couldn’t hear my voice the way everyone else could. Turns out, my vocal cords are abnormal, and they’d offer me great singing vocal ranges, but they don’t explain my volume/projection… Evidently, I never became a famous singer, so I guess you are all just lucky!

APART FROM CROSSFIT HAWTHORN EAST, WHERE ARE YOUR FAVOURITE HANGOUTS IN THE HAWTHORN, CAMBERWELL OR BOROONDARA AREA: you’ll generally find me in any of the multiple cafes in Hawthorn within walking distance to my house… otherwise, let’s be honest, at the bung with my pals, being the social butterfly that I am! oh and maybe at kula… no more than once a week though!! haha!


If you’d like to get fitter, faster and stronger you’re invited to a FREE Intro Class at CrossFit Hawthorn East. This is a complimentary session for you to see the gym, meet the team and experience CrossFit basics.

Choose from Tuesday 7.30pm or Friday 7.00am. Call 0417 667 723 or email info@crossfithawthorneast.com to book your free spot.


CrossFit Hawthorn East is a functional fitness gym close to both Camberwell and Hawthorn in Melbourne, Australia.  We offer group physical fitness classes, personal training and regular workshops.

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