Hand maintenance for CrossFitters

How to maintain your hands, prevent tears and tape your hands properly.

If you haven’t already experienced your first tear it might be a bit of a trophy to show all your buddies the first time, after that its just painful and a major inconvenience to your consistent training.

Tears are caused by friction on the bar and usually from not gripping the bar properly, tears often happen on the soft little pads directly at the base of your fingers.

A good strong proper grip should prevent this 90% of the time, gripping the bar in the middle of the palm with your thumbs wrapped (if possible) should limit that pinch which initially causes the tear.

Often people won’t practice this grip as it is a little uncomfortable in the forearms at first but if you can push through it your grip will become stronger than ever.

Also hate to break it to you ladies and gents but all the hand creams and ointments that you think are helping could be the doing more damage than good.

Maintenance of calluses when your hands are dry are a really great way to limit tears, I keep a couple of flat emery boards/nail files in my car, home and carry bags and whilst my hands and calluses are dry I give them a good file down then a wash or sanitise.

If these tricks don’t help you, taping your hands to get you through a workout is another great preventative, although I have seen a lot of different ineffective taping methods that either don’t last the workout or  unfortunately make matters worse.

I have also attached a great link to a spot on instructional video.  This is my favourite taping method and how I have taped my hands throughout my CrossFit years and competition.


Coach Leasa – CrossFit Hawthorn East


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