Gut health is key to physical fitness, health & wellbeing

If we focused on our gut and digestion as much as our fitness training, many people would experience a greater overall well-being. Did you know that 70-80% of our brain chemicals and 90% of our feel good chemicals (think Serotonin) come from our gut!

There is a direct relationship between the health of your digestive system and your overall look, feel and physical performance. The importance of gut health is often underestimated. Finally some well-deserved media attention and research regarding the connection between our digestive health and our physical and emotional wellbeing is bringing gut health to the forefront.

A healthy gut flora equals a healthy immune system, which equals healthy emotional and physical health, which helps you smash your goals in the gym.

Our upcoming Gut Health and Fermenting Workshop on Sunday September 27th at CrossFit Hawthorn East will cover the following:

* How and why your gut health is critical to your wellbeing

* Signs and symptoms- what to look for when assessing your own gut health

* How to promote good gut health

* Fermented foods and drinks (such bone broth, sauerkraut and kombucha) and how and why we include them in our diet

In this workshop you will also learn how to make bone broth, kombucha and fermented vegetables. You will take home detailed ‘how to’ guides and all the ingredients you need for your first batch of bone broth. We will also each be making our own jar of fermented vegetables. For those interested in starting up their own kombucha brew at home we can make this happen too!

Stay tuned for more information or email for more info or to secure your spot!

Kerry – Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Coach at CrossFit Hawthorn East.


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