Do you ‘cherry pick’ your workouts?

Some CrossFitters never check what the workout of the day is.  They are happy to come in and train regardless, and to see what it is when they arrive for their training session.

On the other hand, some CrossFitters need to check the workout on Wodify before they will commit to coming in to train that day.

As coaches we’ve found that there are a few main reasons that members ‘cherry pick’ their workouts.

Whatever the reason, this attitude towards the programming prevents a CrossFitter from progressing, facing their fears, and getting results. So let’s pull apart the main reasons we hear from our community:

1. They don’t ‘like’, or don’t feel like doing some of the movements.

A lot of the time this will be linked to movements they’re not fast at, not confident with, or they find hard. The beauty of CrossFit is that it constantly gives you opportunities to learn new skills, to be challenged, and to evolve.

When you don’t ‘like’ a movement we encourage you to dig a little deeper – why is that stopping you coming in? If you need to leave your ego at the door – do it. If that means you open yourself up to focusing on technique to be more efficient and faster – suddenly you’re progressing.

If you’re not confident, or you find it hard – perhaps its because you haven’t had the opportunity to repeat that particular movement enough times to ‘get it’. You need to build neurological pathways to become proficient in an exercise – and that comes from repetition, by practicing the movement. Avoiding WODs won’t help you build your skill set, it will prevent you from gaining confidence in movements.

2. They are scared of some of the movements.

This is a big one – particularly for the gymnastics movements. We know that for some people being upside down is terrifying.  Maybe you’re worried your arms won’t be able to support you, maybe you’re worried you might hurt yourself.  That’s why we have a coach guiding you through every single workout.

We will give you scaling options every time you come in for the WOD. We will talk you through the options, we’ll demonstrate, and we’ll help you find the appropriate option for you if you’re not sure what to do.

We will find an option that doesn’t scare you, one where you can then move onto the next progression when you have the confidence to do so. Step by step we’ll help you move towards achieving the prescribed movement. But to do that, you need to come to the WOD and work with us.

3. They think the workout is too hard (or too easy).

Reminder – every workout and every movement we program is scaleable. We can modify it to match your current level.  You can reduce the weight, number of rounds, distance, reps – whatever you need to do.

Every one of you has different strengths and weaknesses. In CrossFit you can’t avoid your weaknesses unless you cherry pick your workouts to avoid certain movements. And that will slow down your progress, your goals, your results.

Guess what? Your weaknesses won’t become strengths unless you take a deep breath, come in and work on them.  So next time you think the workout is too hard – come in anyway, scale appropriately and listen to your coach.

And, if you think it’s too easy – talk to your coach about how to go faster or harder to challenge yourself.

We want all of you to get fitter, faster and stronger – so that you can reach your health & lifestyle goals.

Come in, regardless of the WOD. Work out your body and mind, challenge yourselves, have fun.

See you ALL at the WOD.

Coach Daz


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