CrossFit vs Boot Camp: which fitness training suits you?

Crossfit vs bootcamp: both offer high intensity training, a trainer, and a group environment. But which one will give you the best results?

The fitness world is comprised of all sorts of workouts. Some of them are trends, others are here to stay. Almost all of them promise amazing results in no time.

We find a lot of people will be enticed by a boot camp style training course for 6-8 weeks, training 2-3 times a week.

They might finish the boot camp, but they start to get bored, or their results start to plateau.

So, why is CrossFit a better option in terms of results? 

Cardio vs strengthening

Cardio is the main component of boot camp. It’s an efficient way to start burning calories, but strengthening and building muscles is a better way to lose fat and increase metabolism. By doing so, the body becomes firm and toned and while resting it keeps burning calories. At CrossFit Hawthorn East we incorporate both strengthening and metabolic conditioning to help you get fitter, faster and stronger. 

Avoid plateauing

Bootcamp is very limited in the equipment that can be used for the circuit training. This means repetitive exercises and a lot of endurance type training and body weight movements which causes some people’s results to plateau.  

The functional fitness of CrossFit will help you avoid the plateau you may reach at boot camp.  We use hanging, pulling, pushing movements on a range of equipment that you don’t get to use at boot camp training. One of the most important pieces of equipment are our barbells for Olympic Weightlifting movements. The weight lifting exercises give you strength, power and tone.  

Never getting bored

At CrossFit your programming is constantly varied so you never get bored. Throughout a week, CrossFitters experience rowing, rope jumping, Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, rope climbing, and prowler pushes.  And of course we also incorporate running and body weight movements as part of the mix.

Becoming part of a community

At boot camp you might get to know your training buddies – but at the end of the course you might not see them again.

At CrossFit Hawthorn East we have a community of like minded individuals who are fun, supportive and committed for the long term to benefit from the lifestyle CrossFit helps them to enjoy.

If you are bored with your boot camp – why don’t you come on in for a free CrossFit intro class and see what you think?

Coach Daz


If you’d like to try functional fitness for yourself you’re invited to a FREE Intro Class at CrossFit Hawthorn East. This is a complimentary session for you to see the gym, meet the team and experience CrossFit basics.

Choose from Tuesday 7.30pm or Friday 7.00am. Call 0417 667 723 or email to book your free spot.


CrossFit Hawthorn East is a functional fitness gym close to both Camberwell and Hawthorn in Melbourne, Australia.  We offer group physical fitness classes, personal training and regular workshops. 


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