Crossfit Hawthorn East: Gym Etiquette

It’s time to touch on box etiquette – we want our community to be respectful of each other, supportive and to have fun. So here are our guidelines for smooth sailing at CFHE:

From Feb 15 bookings became compulsory. We’ll have an Assistant Coach on stand by to come in for busy classes. You may book in up to 1 week in advance and cancel with in 30 minutes of the class start time.

For those of you who like to train in the morning please sign in to the class by no later than 9pm the night before. To make this even easier we are posting the WOD at 8pm each night. 9pm is when the Assistant Coach will log in to see if they are required.

For those who like to train in the evening, please sign into the class by no later than 4pm on the day. 4pm is when the Assistant Coach will log in to see if they are required.

Failing to reserve a spot before these times will mean the Assistant Coach won’t know that they were required, and you and the rest of those training in the session will miss out on extra attention.

Respect your Coach, respect your WOD buddies, and respect your own training by arriving on time. Our goal is to get you fitter, faster and stronger – and to keep you safe. Arriving on time to ensure you warm up appropriately is key to ensure you avoid injury.

Note – burpee penalties will apply for latecomers.

We were all new once. And we know that walking into a new gym where friendships are formed can be intimidating. So introduce yourself to the new person in class and invite them to partner up with you for the strength section of the workout.

Our community is awesome, we want you all to be open, welcoming and friendly.

Integrity is important not only in your training, but life in general. The only person you should be worried about competing against in a workout is yourself. So at the end of the day, if you’re not being honest when counting your reps the only person you are cheating is yourself.

Be honest in your training so you can track your progress and results properly. You’ll help yourself become a better athlete.

We’re in this together, newbies or experienced CrossFitters. So let’s support each other and the collective energy will help us all through.

During the workout give each other a shout out, encourage each other to keep going. Give your friend a high 5 as you pass each other on the run.

If you finish before your buddies, cheer them on to get through the last round. Be supportive of each other and have fun training together.

We take pride in keeping the box clean and tidy for you all. To help the cause, at the end of each session clean up after yourself and wipe down the equipment used. If you like to pick up a bar that’s clean and shiny, then make sure it’s left in that condition for the next person to enjoy.

Once it’s clean, put everything back in it’s place. It helps to prevent accidents and it’s also out of courtesy for the next class doing the WOD.

We provide Wodify accounts to all of our members to log your scores and track your progress. Make the most of it. There’s nothing more satisfying than tracking your scores and reaching new PBs.

Yes, we want you to have FUN. Don’t take it too seriously. You are going to have your good days, and you’re going to have days where you struggle through a WOD. And that’s OK. Scale back if you need to, listen to your body and respect it. We want you to enjoy your time at CFHE. We want you to leave with a smile on your face, even if you’re a sweaty mess!

And remember, your coaches are always on hand to make your experience awesome!

See you at the box,

Coach Daz.


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