Bored at your gym? Try CrossFit in Hawthorn East.

Bored at your gym? Try CrossFit

To get benefits from fitness training we need to attend classes regularly, enjoy the workouts, see results and have fun.

Has your current gym offered all these recently? If you’re skipping sessions or dragging yourself to an hour of boring treadmill running, then you should give CrossFit a go.

A world where time flies, where you get variety with your training, and the results go beyond our expectations.


You might have started out at your local gym by going with a friend. But what happens when your friend decides to quit the gym and you end up going alone? You stop going altogether, right?

Working out alone can be repetitive, boring and in the log run demotivating.  Which is why our community at CrossFit Hawthorn East is so important.

Crossfit is a place where there will always be a group of people who will want to workout and, most importantly, include you in their session. Most likely, you will end up seeing these people everyday, and they will become your workout buddies. 

The feeling afterwards

Have you ever left the gym or a class feeling accomplished, proud and carefree? If you’re answer is no, then your might seriously want to consider joining a CrossFit gym.

You just need to show up, and the coach, the workout and the other class members will take care of the rest.  You will be challenged, you will be supported and you will have fun.

If you need a place to release, to let go of stress, to feel more confident and better about yourself, try a Crossfit class now.


Obsessing about burning calories, food intake and the size our clothes is a cruel daily routine that no one should experience. Of course, we all need to watch what we’re eating but only for purpose of enhancing our health; not to control our lives and makes us feel bad about ourselves.

Doing cardio and lifting weights at the same time helps to firm and tone the body. Doing interval training within a workout increases the metabolic rate of the body and burns calories even during resting times.

When you start training consistently, at least 3 times a week at a Crossfit gym you will start to see the difference in your body, your mind and your life. 

Endless types of workouts

It’s always the same scenario: we join a gym or a class, we are motivated to show up and workout, and we end up doing the same routine all week. We get bored.

Instead, explore a place where there’s variety in the workouts, where you are constantly learning new skills and progressing.  Where we focus on functional movement and exercises.

This is a provided at CrossFit: every day the workout changes. If you’re wondering how this is possible then come learn about all the different types of motions CrossFit has to offer. It’s an endless combination.

We’re waiting for you!

Coach Daz


If you’d like to try functional fitness for yourself you’re invited to a FREE Intro Class at CrossFit Hawthorn East. This is a complimentary session for you to see the gym, meet the team and experience CrossFit basics.

Choose from Tuesday 7.30pm or Friday 7.00am. Call 0417 667 723 or email to book your free spot.


CrossFit Hawthorn East is a functional fitness gym close to both Camberwell and Hawthorn in Melbourne, Australia.  We offer group physical fitness classes, personal training and regular workshops. 


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