2 important tips to help you kick ass in the gym

We gym rats love new stuff: The shiniest barbell on the market, the training protocols of the current Fittest on Earth,the newest “paleo-to-perform diet”, the newest recovery supplement on the market and of course the latest in Reebok apparel (now available in more colours than ever!). There’s certainly no shortage of effort in our collective pursuit of excellence, however more often than not, it’s the conquering of the small, quiet and less colourful challenges that put our bodies in an optimal state to jump around a lot in our awesome Nano’s, and throw that new Rogue barbell overhead, and generally kick ass day in day out.

Tip 1 –  Sleep.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Go get 8 solid, quality hours of sleep a night. Every night. More if you’ve had a particularly heavy training session. Until you do that, everything else is just on loan, and the bank will come and collect one day down the track, most probably from that that niggling shoulder or knee that you’ve been meaning to go get checked out but haven’t got around to yet.

Tip 2 – Hydration.

Are you getting enough fluids?

Now you’re well rested, the next one to tick off the list is hydration. You are giant tube of moving and sliding gristle and meat, and that needs a constantly supply of wet, or you will turn to stiff, sticky jerky. Okay, that’s not a very scientific description so here’s some stuff that depends on your H20 intake: Your muscle function, joint health, hormone levels, sexual function, mood, internal organs, skin, appetite… to name a few.

What is enough? A suitable guideline is somewhere in the 3-4 litres. (depending on your bodyweight, activity, level, climate etc) . Here’s a simple rule of thumb  to follow. Drink water when you’re thirsty. Keep drinking until your urine runs clear, then back it off to sipping. And keep sipping. Here’s a couple of ideas to keep those fluids up;

  •       A big glass right when you wake up, and just before bed
  •       Keep a drink bottle close to hand at work (eg at your desk or in your car)
  •       Always drink a glass of water with your coffee in the morning
  •       Drink a glass of water with every meal
  •       Buy a water every other drink when you’re enjoying your less-than paleo after work bevvies on Friday night.
  •       Nip it in the bud. When the WOD is down, get some water down your neck. We got a big tap on the sink!!

Give yourself the best chance to kick ass in the gym. Sleep properly. Drink plenty of water.

Okay, I gotta go pee then nap. Cheers, Coach Jake – CrossFit Hawthorn East

CrossFit Hawthorn East is a physical fitness gym close to both Camberwell and Hawthorn.  We offer group fitness classes, personal training and regular workshops.  Email info@crossfithawthorneast.com.au to book your free intro class.

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