• Our main workout times during the week are 6am, 7.15am, 12pm, 5.15pm, 6.30pm & 7.45pm.
  • The Friday 5.15pm session is ‘Barbell Club’ to focus on Olympic Lifting skills and movements.


  • We have fun ‘Super Saturday’ workouts at 8am & 9.15am. And a skill focused Sunday session at 9am.


  • Our ‘5 Week Fitness Kickstart’ for newcomers have 3 dedicated sessions Monday 7.15am, Wednesday 7.15am & Saturday 10.45am.



  • Each WOD is guided by a certified CrossFit Coach – They will lead the warm up, WOD and cool down.
  • Our Basic membership is 3 x WODs each week.
  • Our Unlimited membership is unlimited workouts, Open Gym sessions and complimentary online yoga membership at our studio Kula Yoga.

Want to get started with our team? Join our ‘5 Week Fitness Kickstart’ for only $249