–          Where is CrossFit Hawthorn East located?

You will find our gym at 9 Montrose St, Hawthorn East, Melbourne VIC 3123.  Our functional fitness facility is just off Burwood Rd and located next to Auburn train station. CrossFit Hawthorn East is only 8kms from the Melbourne CBD and our surrounding suburbs are Hawthorn, Camberwell, Kew, Balwyn, Canterbury, Surrey Hills, Richmond, Ashburton, Burwood and Glen Iris. We are the only affiliated CrossFit gym in the Boroondara area. We offer group functional fitness classes combining endurance, weight lifting and body weight movements.  We also offer personal training sessions and regular workshops.

–          How do I join?

All new members start with our ‘5 Week Fitness Kickstart’ for only $249. This is the perfect kick start towards your health goals. To get started please call us on 0417 667 723 or email us here.

–          What is CrossFit?

CrossFit combines weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance training to create an effective strength and conditioning program. It is challenging, intense and fun. The best thing is that the workouts can be scaled to match athletes of all fitness levels – whether you are an armchair athlete or an elite athlete.

The CrossFit HQ website, www.CrossFit.com, is a fantastic resource with an extensive amount of information. You can also go straight to their FAQs section here.  Keep in mind however, that the CrossFit website is an international site so some of the information may not be relevant to us here in Australia.

–          What is a ‘WOD’?

‘WOD’ stands for ‘Workout Of the Day’. Each day we post a different WOD on our private membership system. This is the main component of the sessions that we will coach that day at CFHE. Everyone that attends one of our sessions that day completes the same WOD. This is what helps us become a community and ensures that all of our members are exposed to the complete CFHE programming.

–          What components make up the 60 minute session?

Each session will contain:

  • Extended warm up
  • Practice focusing on skills and technique
  • Main WOD (Workout Of the Day)
  • Cool down and stretch

–          Will I lose weight?

A good diet is essential for all athletes. Nutrition is the first thing to consider when wanting to lose weight, exercise is secondary. However, if you follow a healthy and balanced diet, CrossFit can definitely assist you to lose excess weight. Our trainers are always on hand to work with you on your health goals.

–          I’m female – will I get bulky?

No, unlike bodybuilders who train their muscles in isolation, we train using high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements. These are multi-joint movements that your body was naturally designed for. CrossFit is a highly effective way for you to reach your body’s optimal blueprint. We can help you build strength, burn fat, and increase cardio capacity.

–          I’m worried about the intensity of the WODs, how does CFHE keep their members safe?

We have a strong focus on proper alignment and technique at CFHE to help keep you safe in our sessions. Our ‘4 Week Fitness Challenge’ for all new members is designed to teach you the basic movements, and how to scale the exercises to your current level. We want to see you reaching your goals by progressing through the scaling options with correct movement and technique.

–          Why group sessions?

The maximum group size in any CFHE WOD is 25. We focus on small group sessions to build camaraderie between our members and foster a sense of community. Everyone starts the WOD at the same time but those who finish first will be on the sidelines cheering the remaining participants on.  We love building a social and team focused environment to help you reach your health goals even quicker.

–          Do I need to be fit before I join?

Not at all. CrossFit is for everyone. Whether you are an elite athlete or an armchair athlete we will scale the workout to match your current ability. We offer a ‘5 Week Fitness Kickstart’ for only $249 to all beginners to give you a strong foundation in CrossFit techniques and knowledge on how to scale exercises to your level. Beginners adapt well to CrossFit as they haven’t had the chance to develop bad habits that other gym goers may have. We won’t say it’s going to be easy, but we will say it will be worth it. Come on in and give it a go!