WOD – Workout Of the Day – All WODs are 6o minute group sessions.
OPEN – Open Gym session – Members can work on skills, lifts or catch up on their training.
KICKSTART – ‘5 Week Fitness Kickstart’ classes for newcomers to CrossFit Hawthorn East.
MOBILITY – A session to stretch, roll & release the body to assist recovery and injury prevention.

  • Each WOD is guided by a certified CrossFit Coach – They will lead the warm up, WOD and cool down.
  • Our Basic membership is 3 x WODs each week.
  • Our Unlimited membership is unlimited WODs, Open Gym sessions and 2 free yoga classes at our studio Kula Yoga – Thurs 7.30pm Hot Yoga & Sun 6.00pm Yin & Meditation. And concession prices for any other yoga sessions.

Want to get started with our team? Join our ‘5 Week Fitness Kickstart’ for only $249