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Want to be fitter faster & stronger? Need some variety & results? If you’re bored at your gym try CrossFit!

CrossFit is challenging, intense and fun. You’ll get results from the combination of weightlifting, gymnastics movements and endurance training. Your coach will guide you through every workout safely. Group physical fitness classes mean you’ll make new friends and be part of a community that will keep you motivated. The workouts can be modified to match your current fitness level. CrossFit is for everyone. You don’t need to be fit to try CrossFit, you just need to book your FREE Intro Class and get started. CrossFit Hawthorn East gym is conveniently located in Melbourne’s inner east between Hawthorn and Camberwell.



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Within our gut and intestines there are over 100 trillion bacteria cells adding up to 1-2kg in weight. These bacteria form what is called our microbiome. This is basically a community of both good and bad bacteria with an optimal ratio of 85% friendly and 15% unfriendly. There is a connection between our gut, nervous […]

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